November 29, 2009

DUBAI: Before the economic crisis, shoppers still standing up to missing seats

. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates / 7DAYS / Letters to the Editor / November 29, 2009 Shoppers still standing up over missing seats From: Ken Hampton, Dubai Re: Your ongoing letters about no seats in malls. I’ve written to Mall of the Emirates to ask about the seating situation: I am long since retired and began living here in Arabian Ranches before the Mall was opened so have seen its development since day one. In the early days we enjoyed a quiet few minutes on one of the seats after the rush and hurry of getting together our food stocks from the local hypermarket. Think not just of the elderly but also those a lot younger with their small children needing a break after tiring shopping. The infirm are not always old either! In the interests of furthering the Dubai image you should take note that visiting tourists enjoy a break to watch the world go by. Many of them will not want to sit in one of the numerous Coffee Shops being expected to gorge themselves just to have a sit down. Diabetics (of which I am one) also need to take a rest from time to time and what a hypocritical situation to find them having to take that little time out sitting somewhere surrounded by loads and loads of sugary things. It does make a mockery of the present Dubai drive to pull down the incidence of this debilitating disease. You would do well to bear in mind that there are those people who will choose to go to another Mall to do their shopping where the manage-ment has thoughtfully provided ample seating for a comfortable break - we could well join them! To repeat my opening remark, I do wonder what has brought about such a retrograde step in this very progressive shopping complex - would you like to enlighten me? [rc] © 2007 Al Sidra Media LLC