November 28, 2009

INDIA: Life begins at 60 - Senior citizens in Surat to find love

. SURAT, Gujarat / The Indian Express / November 28, 2009 By Kamaal Saiyed The wedding season is on, with scores of marriages taking place across the country almost every day. But Surat may soon witness weddings of different kind, wherein both brides and grooms will be senior citizens. An NGO — Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa — working for senior citizens, has come up with this concept, based on which it organised a swayamwar at Modh Wanik Wadi in Surat on Thursday evening. The organisers expect that at least 25 couples will tie the knot through their initiative. Over 30 women and 150 men from different parts of Gujarat and even from Maharashtra participated in the swayamwar. Senior citizens climbed the stage with a batch number on their shoulders, and introduced themselves, giving details like name and profession among others. While they spoke, others noted down their details. Bharti Rawal, coordinator of this fair, said, “We have come across many people showing interest in each other. We have taken assurance from the children of all the candidates. We have selected the male candidates considering their sound financial background.” Among the candidates is Kanu Joshi (62), a retired officer from the Indian Institute of Seismology and a resident of Vapi. After taking divorce 33 years ago, he had been living with his three children, including two sons and a daughter. All his children are now grown ups and married, and stay separately. “Now life has become a little tougher as I have nobody to talk to. I have to do work on my own. I need a partner so that the rest of my life goes smoothly. My children are happy with my decision,” he said. Another candidate, Pramodi Paranjpai (60), has come from Mumbai, accompanied by her nephew Jayant Parayanjpay. “I never got married. For the last 30 years, I have been taking care of my nephew after his parents died in an accident. Now, he is married and has two children. I have done my job and I also need somebody for support at this age.” [rc] © 2009 The Indian Express Limited.