December 7, 2009

AUSTRIA: First neurological rehabilitation clinic in Burgenland to open soon

. KITTSEE, Burgenland / Austrian Times / December 7, 2009 By William Green Construction of the first neurological rehabilitation clinic in Burgenland at Kittsee is scheduled to begin before Christmas, it has been announced. Nursing home operator SeneCura will is to build the clinic and a health hotel with 100 beds. Burgenland Social Democratic (SPÖ) Governor Hans Niessl said today (Mon) the project would create 100 new jobs. SenaCura head Rudolf Öhlinger said: "Patients will be freed of pain as quickly as possible and returned to daily life in a highly-modern clinic at the level of a hotel." Burgenland People’s Party (ÖVP) councillor Michaela Resetar said the provincial government had earmarked a 2.5 million Euro-subsidy for the clinic in promotion of tourism. The project, which will cost an estimated 15.3 million Euros, is scheduled for completion in 2011. [rc] 2008 – 2009 Austrian Times