December 2, 2009

BRAZIL: Life expectancy in Brazil over 72, survey indicates

. BRASILIA, Brazil / People's Daily of China / December 2, 2009 The life expectancy of the Brazilian population increased from 69.66 years in 1998 to 72.86 years in 2008, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and Tuesday's Brazilian Official Gazette. Men's life expectancy was 69.11 years and women's was 76. 71 years last year. The data indicate a significant progress compared with 45.50 years in 1940. According to the IBGE, Brazil will need some time to catch up with Japan, Hong Kong (China), Switzerland, Iceland, Australia, France and Italy, where the average life expectancy is already over 81. Research has shown that Brazil would achieve that level by 2040. Elderly Brazilian football fan Courtesy: PhotographersDirect The data came from the IBGE's Complete Mortality Tables for Brazil's population, which have been published annually since 1999. They are used by the Ministry of Social Security as one of the parameters for the retirement fund factor under the General System of Social Security. [rc] Source: Xinhua Copyright by People's Daily