December 28, 2009

CANADA: Indian Film Actor Akki to raise funds to build an old age home in Toronto

. MUMBAI, Maharashtra / MID-DAY / Entertainment / December 28, 2009 By KBR Upala Popular Indian Film Hero Akshay Kumar is planning a big charity event to raise funds to build an old age home in Toronto in 2010 with the help of his friend Ajay Virmani who's a businessman. Akshay has been associated with various charity events in Toronto. He told his best friend, businessman Ajay Virmani -- who owns Cargojet Airways, the largest Canadian cargo airlines -- that he wanted to host a fundraiser to build a home for senior citizens. "Talks are on and the charity event will be held some time early next year. Akshay wants it to be a place for the elderly to feel at home." Ajay Virmani and Akshay Kumar in Toronto Deeply disturbed A source close to the actor says, "On his various trips to his home in Toronto, Akki saw the plight of old men and women, especially those who had been brought by Indians and been abandoned there, and was deeply disturbed and wanted to do something for them." Dildaar Kumar "Akshay is planning to host a charity event in 2010," confirms Virmani from Toronto, "He has also helped raise a lot of money for Canadian hospitals including one for sick children. Last year, he got half a million dollars for making an appearance at the Trillion Hospital but he donated the amount to the hospital." He continues, "A lot of Indian people bring their parents with them but don't take care of them. They are dependent on their children and often end up becoming babysitters. They have no life of their own. Akshay wants them to have a place they can call their own." Ajay first met Akshay when the actor came to Canada for the shooting of Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi in 1995. He says that the Khiladi is still remained the simple, down-to-earth guy he was when he first met him. Notes Virmani, "He calls me his Godfather, and to me, he is like a son. Our families have become close over the years." [rc] © 2009 MiD DAY Infomedia Ltd.