December 11, 2009

CANADA: Senior, 101, knits for the homeless

. EDMONTON, Alberta / CBC News / December 11, 2009 Maria Stubel, 101, knit more than 100 tuques for homeless people in Edmonton. (CBC) Maria Stubel's motto could be, "You're never too old to make a difference." At the age of 101, she has turned a passion for knitting into a much-needed gift for the homeless in downtown Edmonton. Stubel brought more than 100 brightly coloured tuques to the Hope Mission on Friday to give away. "It's something to do," she said. "And I wanted to do something, too, for the people that freeze without something on [their] heads." Her daughter died several years ago, and Stubel turned to knitting to help herself recover from the loss. She has no idea how many hours have gone into the project but said each tuque takes her at least three hours. [rc] Copyright © CBC 2009