December 2, 2009

CANADA: Stairlift business helps entrepreneur rise to the challenge

. WATERLOO, Ontario / The Record / December 2, 2009 Mark Scheifele, owner of Access Mobility Solutions, installed this stairlift in a home in St. Jacobs. Philip Walker, Record staff Eight years back, Mark Scheifele decided he would be his own boss. He set up a company that is still going strong with Scheifele as the owner, chief installer and sole employee, though he brings in temporary help on larger jobs and contracts out his bookkeeping. Access Mobility installs stairlifts, mostly for elderly customers, as well as residential elevators and outdoor porchlifts. A typical stairlift, his top seller, can be installed for the cost of one or two months in a nursing home, he says, and comes with remote control, fold-up seat, foot rest and “whisper quiet” operation. The price goes up to $10,000 to $15,000 for more complicated lifts that go around a bend in the staircase. [rc] To read Mark's story click here © Copyright 2008 Metroland Media Group Ltd.