December 15, 2009

CHINA: Why do women stay late at the office?

. BEIJING, China / People's Daily / Life & Culture / Society / December 15, 2009 The lights shining from the city's skyscrapers brighten the nighttime darkness of Beijing. Professionals in this city always work very late, either because they have to or want to, or both. However, social commentary on this phenomenon varies for men and women. For men, people accept that they are staying behind late to work, but for women, they are often seen as avoiding home and are referred to as "not-going-home women". Here is a list of reasons why many women choose to work late. 1. "I still have work to do." I love to spend more time in the office because there always are things I can learn from work. Nowadays, women can be as busy and ambitious as men. If men are working late in the office, I believe women have the same right to do so. Photo by courtesy: Jon Riley/Getty Images 2."It is more fun." Most of my friends are single professionals. For us, single means simple, and to stay in the office can be a good way to spend free time. "I don't have anything to do back home anyway. At least there are colleagues you can talk to in the office," said Ivy, a 23-year-old professional. Many girls working in the capital did not grow up in the city, so the office is a good place to start developing their new network. It makes sense that girls want to spend more time at the office rather than being alone in their rented rooms. 3. "I don't want to think about him." A friend Celina is involved in a tense standoff with her boyfriend and doesn't want to be the one to pick up the phone. "If I call him, I will be the one who lost the battle," she said. "So I have to keep myself busy." Women look for things to fill their empty hearts, or try to find something to cover their frailty. Work is a good option. At least they win their dignity by working hard, which can be much easier than sustaining a satisfying relationship with a man. 4. "I am attracted to an interesting guy in my office." And last but not least, the office affair is a constant in most workplaces. Some girls find their Mr Right at work. [rc] Source: