December 18, 2009

THAILAND: Call for system to fund care for the elderly

. BANGKOK, Thailand / The Nation / National News / December 18, 2009 The national government needs to set up a funding system to help relatives take care of elderly family members, a seminar in Bangkok heard yesterday. In addition to providing financial and logistical support, the government should also try to encourage people to take care of the elderly or ageing parents and relatives, in the same way Thais are encouraged to be hospitable to tourists, said Dr Ladda Damrikarnlert, a senior official at the Foundation for Thai Gerontology Research and Development. Ladda said a motto such as "We don't disregard each other" should be played with a public relations campaign to encourage such thinking. Local administrative bodies could play a major role in nourishing such a mentality in the minds of young people in the community. The ministries assigned to handle this task include Public Health, Social Development and Human Security, and the Interior - with the Foundation providing guidance and implementations assigned to local bodies. Dr Banlue Siriphanich, a retired doctor known for his integrity and honesty, called on media to report fully about old parents abused by adult children. That would make the public analyse the roots of such problems, rather than the existing coverage, which he felt focused mainly on hardship and seeking donations. [rc] (c) 2007 NMG News Co., Ltd.