December 8, 2009

USA: 92-year-old woman has dream fulfilled

. ROCHESTER, NY / / Never Too Late / December 8, 2009 One woman is proving you’re never too old to get back in the saddle. Christmas came early for Francis Flannery, 92. Flannery has always loved going horseback riding, and after decades of wishing, she was given the chance to ride again. On Tuesday, Second Wind Dreams - a group dedicated to granting wishes for seniors -surprised Flannery with the treat. “Well, it was great, after all these years,” Flannery said. “You know I love to ride horses. I used to have one of my own, and finally they took my horse away because it threw my husband.” Flannery’s daughter, Ester Kerwin said, “It’s just like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it, you just get right back on. Because she wanted to do it, she wanted to go faster.” Kandy Liguori, from Second Wind Dreams, said, “It’s fabulous. I love to see the smile on their faces when they have a dream fulfilled.” Flannery currently lives at the Quail Summit. She says the ride was so special because she also had the chance for her entire family to see her ride. [rc] © Copyright 2009 WHEC-TV, LLC