December 17, 2009

USA: Five things you didn't know about Jennifer Jones

. TORONTO, Ontario, Canada / National Post / The Ampersand / December 17, 2009 By Adam S. Miller Jennifer Jones, the Oscar-winning actress and star of the classic Hollywood film “The Song of Bernadette” died today of at the age of 90, from natural causes. The five-time Oscar-nominated actress starred opposite some of the most iconic actors of her era, including her first film appearance opposite John Wayne in “New Frontier”, Rock Hudson in “A Farewell to Arms” and “Gregory Peck in “Duel in the Sun,” before marrying the producer of “Gone with the Wind” David O. Selznick. Now you can transcend the impressive body of work that this talented actress has produced by examining The Ampersand's five little known facts about: 5. Jones was actually born Phylis Lee Isley in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but after careful grooming from Hollywood producers at Paramount her name was changed to Jennifer Jones in the early 1940s to be more receptive to audiences. 4. As a child, Jones' parents traveled the US in a traveling tent show that they owned and operated. 3. Early in her career, Jones met and fell in love with fellow actor Robert Walker. The couple wed and had two sons, who both went on to become actors. Jones had a love affair with Selznick in 1943, which eventually led to the her and Walker's divorce in 1945. 2. Jones was also a breast cancer survivor. Actress Susan Strasberg, who died of breast cancer in 1999, named her daughter Jennifer Robin Jones in honour of the iconic actress. 1. After Selznick died in 1965, Jones retreated from the acting world temporarily, and even attempted suicide in 1969. In 1971, she married multi-millionaire industrialist Norton Simon, whose son Robert had committed suicide in 1969. Her daughter, Mary Jennifer Selznick, then killed herself in 1976 by jumping from a 20th-floor window, which sparked Jones' interest in mental health issues. [rc] © 2009 The National Post Company.