December 28, 2009

USA: Is it time for dad to stop driving?

. CHICAGO, Illinois / Chicago Sun-Times / December 28, 2009 By Mike Konow Last week, the Ride column talked about when loved ones should encourage their elderly relatives to limit, or stop, driving. It prompted this letter: "For years I tried to get my dad off the streets for fear he would hurt someone or himself because of his driving. My dad has dementia, arthritis where he can't turn his head very far in either way. . . . I called the Secretary of State for help to get him off the street and couldn't. "But my dad always passed the so-called driving test. I tried to find out what they did but he couldn't tell me because he couldn't remember what he did 10 minutes ago. . . . "The only reason why my dad is not driving anymore is because he was in an accident. Thank goodness nobody got hurt. He still hadn't renewed his license and I was able to delay the repairs past his renewal date. "Finally my mom asked me after the accident if I thought he should stop driving. . . . And I told her it was time. It hurt her and me to do this to him, but in my heart it was the right thing to do." [rc] © Copyright 2009 Sun-Times Media, LLC