December 24, 2009

USA: Senate approves landmark health-care bill

. WASHINGTON / The Washington Post / Politics / Health / December 24, 2009 By Shailagh Murray, Washington Post Staff Writer The Senate passed a landmark health-care bill Thursday morning that would provide coverage to more 30 million people and begin a far-reaching overhaul of Medicare and the private insurance market. Vice President Biden presided over the 60-39, party line vote. Thursday's vote -- which came on the first Senate session on December 24 in more than five decades -- brings Democrats closer than ever to realizing their 70-year-old goal of universal health coverage. For the first time, most Americans would be required to obtain health insurance, either through their employer or via new, government-regulated exchanges. Those who can't afford insurance plans would receive federal subsidies. And Medicaid would be vastly expanded to reach millions of low-income children and adults. [rc] To continue reading click here © Copyright 1996-2009 The Washington Post Company