December 23, 2009

WORLD: Words by Johna Ferguson in Ronni Bennet's Elderly Storytelling Place

. PORTLAND, Maine / The Elder Storytelling Place / TimeGoesBy / December 23, 2009 Winter’s Blush By Johna Ferguson Winter descended as a white cloud in the night, I awoke in the morning to a beautiful sight. The world had been transformed before my very own eyes, I could almost hear the laden trees let out moaning sighs. The lawn was all covered with a foot full of snow, It was so silent that even the wind dared not blow. I hurriedly dressed in warm clothes, boots and all, And headed out carefully making sure I didn’t fall. The air was so fresh, yet the cold was so biting, My nose felt it first like it had been hit by lightening. In spite of it’s smoothness I discerned little marks, All caused of course by our hungry meadowlarks. My footprints went deep but I knew it was short lasting, Soon the sun would be out with hot rays a blasting. This pristine beauty would end up as nothing but slush, But for now let its beauty be that of winter’s first blush. [rc] © 2009 Ronni Bennett. Seniors World Chronicle and Ravi Chawla Send You Best Wishes of the Festive Season Greeting Card Courtesy: