January 29, 2010

INDIA: HelpAge India's campaign honours "Inspirational Achievers"

. NEW DELHI, India / HelpAge India / January 29, 2010 HelpAge India today launched its new campaign “LED India, FED India, TAUGHT India" with awards for “Inspirational Achievers” over 60, as a tribute to forgotten leaders. Ms. Shalini Dewan, Director (UNIC) launches the HelpAge India campaign - Led India, Fed India, Taught India - along with Mr. Kapil Kaul, and Mr. M.M.Sabharwal (centre) The Inspirational Achievers honoured today were: * Zohra Segal, 98, Theatre and Cinema Legend, who could not attend due to physical frailty. * Dr. (Wg. Cdr.) Ashis Roy, 78, Marathon Man of India, who recently ran his 100th Marathon in Mumbai. * Mr. J.N. Chaudhry (Chairman, VIMHANS), 84. * Mr. Keshav Malik, 80, Poet & Arts scholar/ critic. * Mr. Chander Dhawan, 87, Pictographer, who at 82 years of age traveled by road to Leh. * Ms. Nirmala Narula, 80, President, Alzheimer's & Related Disorders Society of India. * Dr. Avtar Pennathur, 70, social worker and pioneer, President & Founder Trustee, Harmit Trust & Home for Senior Citizens. * Mr. Chetan Chauhan, 63, cricketer and politician. Special Guest at HelpAge India's “LED India, FED India TAUGHT India” event today was Ms. Shalini Dewan, Director, United Nations Information Centre. Ms Dewan and Mr. M. M. Sabharwal, President Emeritus of HelpAge India, also launched the campaign website www.helpageindia.org and felicitated veterans who had led exemplary lives. Dr. Ashis Roy, Marathon Man of India receives the HelpAge Inspirational Acheiver Award from Mr. M.M.Sabharwal, looking on are Mr. Kapil Kaul (Second from left) and Mr. Mathew Cherian of HelpAge India. . The campaign focuses on the lives of older persons who have given so much of their lives to help shape ours, whether the school teacher who taught us in our growing years, or our very own grandparents, persons who built life in independent India from scratch and helped shape our destinies, elders who have contributed so much but have often remained ignored. HelpAge India's campaign serves its goal to help older persons to live with dignity, work with elders, rather than just for them, give them a sense of empowerment, inclusion and power to demand what’s rightfully theirs. [rc] Facts About Aging India • Current estimate - 90 million older people in India. • By 2050 the population is projected to be 326 million. (UN). • Life Expectancy in 1986 for both M & F: 58 yrs.Today, its touching nearly 70. • 21 % of the population is projected to be 60+ by 2050. (UN). Source: HelpAge India