January 2, 2010

NEW ZEALAND: Elsie, at 104, has nothing to grumble about

. WELLINGTON / Taranaki Daily News / January 2, 2010 By Matt Rilkoff - Taranaki Daily News At 104 years old Elsie Linley is not ready to "peg out" just yet. Her Boxing Day birthday makes her one of, if not the, oldest person in Taranaki. Since being born in Hawera, Mrs Linley has learnt a thing or two about life and love and espouses the benefits of patience and keeping grumbling to a minimum. "Well they have enough on their shoulders without me complaining," she said with an elegantly cheeky smile. ELSIE LINLEY: At 104, these days her only birthday wish is to have family around when she blows out the candles. Mark Dwyer / Taranaki Daily News "Besides there is nothing very much to complain about anyway." This attitude comes from her mother who, despite a hard life, was always kind and loving to all, Mrs Linley said. And what did she look like? "She was buxom. I hate saying it but she was a very large woman and I take after her." Mrs Linley, nee Smith, married Englishman Jack Linley in 1926. They had three children and lived on farms around the mountain at Oaonui, Okato and Tariki although they maintained an apartment in New Plymouth for weekend jaunts to the city. She has nine grand-children, nine great-grandchildren and said they were all quite lovely. Her interests over the decades have included a love of rugby, socialising, playing cards, photography, crochet – and hard work. She now lives in New Plymouth's Radius Thornleigh Park rest home. [rc] Taranaki Daily News © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited