January 8, 2010

USA: 85-year-old ‘Mama Rose’ makes the rounds to help elderly during the freeze

. HOUSTON, Texas /Khou.com / News / January 7, 2010 By Vicente Arenas / 11 News See video The temperatures are continuing to drop by the hour and that could mean trouble for some of the elderly in our community, but one senior has taken it upon herself to make sure her neighbors make through the hard freeze. Snow in Houston Connie “Mama” Rose heads up the Greater Northside Senior Citizens Center. The cold blast that’s gripping Houston has her and others here worried, so she makes the rounds. “A lot of them have so much pride they won’t ask for what they need,” said Willie Taylor, Senior Citizen. That’s why 85-year-old Mama Rose is making the rounds, making sure friends like 89-year-old Lucille Kelly are ok. “I look forward to the visit and for them to visiting me,” said Kelly. Back at the Center, much of the talk is about the weather. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are old and poorly insulated so the center is doing the best it can to help. Mama Rose makes sure seniors have blankets and heaters to make it through the cold. The senior center is struggling in so many ways and this cold weather is making things worse. They had a building that burned to the ground a few years ago. They are hoping to build another one sometime soon because the need is so great. Meantime, Mama Rose is asking everyone to check on the elderly who may need help and a warm place to stay during this cold bitter blast. [rc] © 2009-2010 KHOU-TV, Inc.