December 28, 2009

USA: Portrait of Positive Aging - Tireless spirit is Linda Jordon's gift

. LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas / Aging Arkansas / December 28, 2009 By Rosemary Hallmark Linda Jordan says she is blessed with a high-energy level. Anyone who knows her will attest to this. She walks fast and is frequently seen carrying an armload of bags so she can juggle multiple projects. But being a quick-footed multi-tasker is necessary for someone like Jordan. She describes her philosophy: “Every waking moment of my life is filled,” she says. “I am an early riser and make the best use of every minute of every day.” Linda Jordan’s gift is helping others and the holiday season is no different for her class of homebound seniors. Jordan has a long track record of volunteer activities, including Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind, volunteering at her son’s schools and president of the Auxiliary at Baptist Medical Center. ... Click here to continue reading the Linda Jordon story “I don’t actually think about what I might do. I just respond when there is an opportunity,” she says. “Of course, I pray that I will not miss a single opportunity that God has placed before me and I believe that as long as my heart is right before God, I won’t miss an opportunity.” Jordan believes she is blessed in every aspect of life. She and her husband Ted have been married 48 years. They have one son, Mark, a daughter-in-law, Melissa, and two granddaughters, Nicole and Emily, all of whom are following in Jordan’s footsteps by serving in various volunteer capacities in their church and community. “A couple of years ago Nicole tutored Spanish children once a week and currently helps with the Spanish worship service at their church,” Jordan says proudly of her 18-year-old granddaughter. Jordan says she has also been blessed with good health and a tireless spirit. She walks three miles a day on her treadmill, and being the multi-tasker that she is, does so while answering emails via phone or reading the morning newspaper. She says she can only remember being tired once in her life, though she might just be too busy to ever notice. “We are a healthy family and that helps us feel better and have more energy.” Jordan encourages anyone interested in joining or starting their own Tele-Bible Sunday School class to contact her via email. She says she’d love to be of service in any way possible. [rc] © 2009 Aging Arkansas