January 26, 2010

USA: Retirement Home Residents React to 80 Year Old Man Shooting at 87 Year Old

. ODESSA, Texas / CBS 7 News / January 26, 2010 Retirement Home Residents React to 80 Year Old Man Shooting at 87 Year Old By Beau Berman, CBS 7 News An 80-year-old Odessa man is now the oldest man in the Ector County Detention Center. He’s accused of firing a gun at a fellow resident in his retirement home. Eighty-Year-Old Clarence "Bunky" Hunt is one of dozens and dozens of elderly residents at Odessa's Lincoln Tower Retirement Residence. But what no one seemed to know was that Hunt had a gun. Related Charge: Aggravated Asaault With Deadly Weapon NewsWest9.com report "We were all wondering how in the world did he get that damn gun in there without anybody knowing because the barrel looked like it was that big", said resident, Eleoweese Elder. She was sitting across from Hunt when he fired the shot. "I've never heard a bullet go over my head before", she said. All the residents we spoke with at the Lincoln Tower retirement home say they came here to be safe and that's why it's the last place they'd ever expect someone to fire a gun. Robert Dale's surprised a gun was fired here in a place he trusted his mother in law would be safe. "I wouldn't think these elderly people would even have a gun in this place", he said. Dale's mother in law, Mary Skalicky was a friend of Hunt. "There were certain people he didn't like. I think he had a psychological problem", said Skalicky. Tonight Hunt is in jail on $100,000 bond, charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He faces up to 20 years behind bars. It’s a potential punishment that would see him locked up until he’s 100 years old. "I never saw so many policemen, I really was surprised. And they're big men, don't get in trouble", said Elder. It’s good advice, just a little too late for Hunt. [rc] Beau Berman E-Mail: bberman@cbs7.com Copyright © 2010 K2 Interactive