February 22, 2010

INDIA: Metabolic surgeon says 25 million Indian diabetics can be cured

. NEW DELHI / India PR Wire / Healthcare / Hospitals / February 22, 2010 Assuring the 25 million Indian diabetics of a cure, Dr Raman Goel, metabolic surgeon from Bombay Hospital, Mumbai said that surgery can help control diabetes in obese people. Despite living a life of restrictions, lifestyle changes & regular medicine intake, over 50% remain uncontrolled diabetics. These are at high risk of heart attacks, vision loss, kidney failure, high BP & shortened life span. Addressing a large national gathering of endoscopic surgeons at Taj Palace Convention Centre in Delhi today, he said, 'one surgery does not fit all diabetes patients. Many diabetic Indians are not obese & thus not suitable for gastric bypass surgery. Bombay Hospital is one at 3-4 centres around the world conducting study on impact of surgery for normal weight diabetics patients. Results of Illeal interposition surgery have shown early control of blood sugar levels in almost all patients. Medicine requirement too reduced significantly.' American Diabetes Association (ADA) has, in a first of its kind change in approach in 2009, accepted role of surgery for control of diabetes in obese people. This acceptance has come after over 40 years of research & analysis of surgical data. 'Blood sugar is controlled within 7 days - 90 days of surgery & remains so even after 14 years,' shared Dr Ramen Goel. Surgery does not involve any pancreatic manipulation/transplantation. Control of diabetes works by various mechanism including secretion of hormones from last part of small intestine with food stimulus. All of these surgeries are performed through key hole route or laproscopically. 'At the moment diabetes surgery has low acceptance amongst physicians & people, but there is enough scientific data to support their efficacy,' asserted Dr Goel. Only people frustrated/tired with ineffectiveness of medicines are coming forward for surgery at the moment. It will gain credibility as results will be seen by others & presented in scientific journals/conferences. Dr Ramen Goel Courtesy: expresshealthcaremgmt.com This surgery works only for type 2 diabetes patients & even patients on insulin have been able to discontinue not only insulin but even tablets for diabetes treatment. Mr R V Pawar from Bhiwandi required insulin pump to control blood sugar & had lost vision due to diabetes. One year after surgery he is not only lighter by 40 kgs but is off any medicines for diabetes. His biggest remorse is that he had no information about this surgery before he lost his vision. [rc] © Copyright 2010 India PRwire