February 16, 2010

MALAYSIA: Care For The Elderly - Need for proper retirement homes

. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia / The New Straits Times / Letters / February 15, 2010 By Vasanthi, Kuala Lumpur PARENTS need to change their mindset about children taking care of them in old age. Just think about those people who don't have children. Who will take care of them in their old age? People need to be educated from young to be independent and have enough savings for old age. Why waste money having children if the children are going to be of no use to you in your old age? Illustrative photo of family in rural Malaysia. Courtesy: Image Bank/Getty Images Many people struggle to bring up their children but at the end of the day, their children neglect them. Parents must understand that their children have their own lives to live and cannot take care of their elderly parents just because the parents brought them into this world. In fact, most parents nowadays have children but the ones taking care of the children are maids or grandparents. So how can parents expect the children to take care of them in old age? It is not fair on the children. Instead of spending money bringing up children, save that money for your old age. Money will secure you a place in retirement or nursing homes when you are old. The government needs to look into setting up retirement homes for the elderly at reasonable rates. The private retirement homes that exist now can only be afforded by the rich, while the government-run old folk's homes are in pathetic condition. Old people should be respected and allowed to grow old gracefully. Setting up proper retirement homes would be of great help to the elderly folk who have been abandoned. [rc] Copyright © 2009 NST Online