February 5, 2010

USA: What Do The Elderly Owe To The Young?

. NEW YORK, NY / The New York Times / Opinion / February 5, 2010 Letters What Do the Elderly Owe the Young? David Brooks points to the incongruity of grandparents’ giving generously to their grandchildren while at the same time taking money away from them in the public sphere (“The Geezers’ Crusade,” column, Feb. 2). We seniors are probably the last generation that will enjoy generous, assured pensions as well as unlimited access to medical procedures and treatments. Any society that spends seven times as much on its elders as on its young has its priorities backward and eventually risks a backlash from the frustrated young. Mr. Brooks rightly points out that because seniors hold far greater political power than the young, only seniors can create the political climate in which fairness can be brought about. Illustration by Leif Parsons We seniors have a moral obligation to see that the young are as well cared for as ourselves and must give our members of Congress permission to make the hard choices necessary to balance the nation’s resources fairly among the generations. [rc] Heather Sterner San Francisco, Feb. 3, 2010 More Letters Copyright 2010 The New York Times Company