March 21, 2010

EMIRATES: ‘A Day is Not Enough to Thank Mom’

. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates / Khaleej Times / Nation / March 21, 2010 By Lily B. Libo-on & T Ramavarman DUBAI - UAE residents wish they could have more days set aside to honour mothers saying one day is not enough to express their gratitude for their (moms’) sacrifices. Princess Tomars, a 29-year-old businesswoman, who has a four-year-old son, told Khaleej Times, “One day is not really enough to make a mom happy after the years of sacrifices they have made for their families.” Annie Jhonson, a nurse at the Ministry of Health Mother and Child Care Centre in Sharjah, too echoed Tomars’ words saying, “Mothers are the most special people in our lives. My mother has been everything for me.” Though the gifts that she used to present to her mom have now given 
way to a special phone call on Mother’s Day, Annie believes even that is enough to evoke warm memories they shared together before she got married and came to the UAE. “Now, my son has started wishing me on Mother’s Day,” said this mother of three. New Generation Linda Vasquez, an executive secretary at an international law office, told Khaleej Times that celebrating Mother’s Day is a way of reminding the new generation of the contribution of their mom to their lives. “The new generation is now preoccupied with innovations and technology. Most teenagers these days devote more time staying in the malls, playing video and shopping. They forget that at home is a Mom who cooks and sees to it that all their needs are met,” Linda said. Claudia Klingbeil, Marketing and Events Coordinator at the Abu Dhabi-based water sports company Empros, said, “My mother is in my home country Germany. I call her up every two weeks, send photographs, and maintain a strong bond. I’il be sending flowers to her on the Mothers’ Day.’’ “Words cannot capture my intense attachment with my mother. She is everything to me, friend, advisor, supporter,” said Sumi Ramakrishnan, who works with Air India in Abu Dhabi. “There is no point in someone going to places of worship to offer prayers, if he or she is not able to care the mother. I’m concerned about the growing trend of dumping the aged parents into old age homes across the world,” VTV Damodaran who works as accountant in Abu Dhabi said. Sheetal Bhambhani, who has a three-year-old son said, “I realised the true value of my mother’s contribution to my life after giving birth to my son. My mom gave up everything for me and has been the most influential person in my life and has been my best friend. She is in New Delhi and I will send her flowers and chocolates delivered to her.” [rc] (With inputs by Afshan Ahmed) © 2010 Khaleej Times