March 18, 2010

MALAYSIA: Cheerfulness key to longevity?

. PETALING JAYA, Malaysia / Sin Chew Daily / March 18, 2010 Translated by Lim Liy Ee/Sin Chew Daily It was indeed effortless to find Yang Yi Yun’s cheerful and gentle nature from her smile. Perhaps you can discover the secret of long-life from her life story as well. A Malaysian born in the state of Johor, Yang followed her husband to Kuala Lumpur and finally settled down in Ipoh for more than sixty years. Yang’s parents both enjoyed very long life as they lived almost 90 years. It is believed that owing to genetic factor, Yang is also enjoying a long life at 102 this year. Yang has a total of nine children, and her husband, her eldest son and daughter have passed away. She also has more than a hundred descendents spanning over five generations. Nearly 20 of her grandchildren are university graduates while two of them doctorate holders. Her secret: Practising xiang gong When asked about her secrets of maintaining such a good health during her interview with Sin Chew Daily, Tang revealed that she wakes up early every morning to practise xiang gong. Before she learned xiang gong, she always suffered from poor health. Her second daughter-in-law, Peng Qing Hua coached her in xiang gong and she has since been practising this exercise for 16 years. She seldom visits a doctor nowadays although she needs a wheelchair to help her around due to her advanced age. Yang has been practising xiang gong for over ten years and has not suffered from any major illness since. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily Celebrating birthday every year No matter where they are, all her grandchildren would celebrate her birthday every year in October. She used to travel abroad but has stopped travelling after the age of 80 due to weakness in her legs. Free from major illnesses Her appetite has changed recently and she has stopped taking coffee, alcohol and eggs, taking only bread almost three meals a day! She is free from major illnesses save for some hearing and movement difficulties. She even boasts a good eyesight and can still carry on with her needlework. Moreover, her voice is still clear and loud and she never lacks a sense of humor when she speaks. When she learned that she was going to have an interview with us, she kept consulting her son whether she should put on some make-up or dress up for the occasion. Although she is over a hundred years old, her complexion is still in a good conditions. She only laments that she has difficulty walking around. Establishing good relationship with maid Over the past three years, Yang has been taken good care of by an Indonesian maid. She has since established a strong relationship with the maid who has promised to take care of her in her remaining years. Yang would very much like her Indon maid to take care of her in her remaining years. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily Today, Yang is observing a light diet and disciplined daily routine, including a xiang gong session in the morning, and taking a nap or watching TV in the afternoon. [rc] Copyright © 2010 MCIL Multimedia Sdn Bhd