March 17, 2010

PHILIPPINES: Aging is never an excuse not to look sexy, declares Carmi, 46

. MANILA, Philippines / The Philippines Star / Lifestyle / Fashion & Beauty / March 17, 2010 She has wowed everyone, stirred attention and inspired a lot of women. Carmi Martin personifies what aging gracefully really means with her body, which is unbelievably sexy. Yes, she’s 46 years old and yet still possesses a 36-25-36 vital statistics. Who wouldn’t flaunt this figure? “I’m confident with my body, and I love being in my 40s because I’ve proven that aging is never an excuse not to look sexy,” Carmi shares. Indeed, she even broke boundaries so she could inspire women to look their best and be more confident. This summer, Carmi is the only celebrity in her 40s wearing a swimsuit — a gold, sequined, cutout maillot — on her much-talked-about billboard along EDSA, Guadalupe. “Honestly, I was hesitant at first,” she says. “I had this feeling that I’m already 46, I don’t want to wear a swimsuit for the billboard. I felt like I was finished with that. But I was convinced because I trust the slimming center that I endorse. I’d like to encourage women and say that even in your 40s, you surely can! Marie France makes it possible,” she says. For 24 years, Marie France has set the bar higher in the slimming industry by introducing the latest, most innovative and highly advanced non-surgical treatments. “Their treatments are the best! My body has always been voluptuous since the ’80s, but as I age, my metabolism has slowed down and I started to get flab,” Carmi says. “I tried exercising, but it wasn’t enough. That’s why it’s important to get professional help with Marie France. I couldn’t achieve my desired body by myself.” So how did she achieve her billboard body? “I really prepared. I knew I could do it. In just three weeks, I’ve effortlessly maintained my 25-inch waistline and my curves. No surgery, no cuts. I love the natural way!” she says. Carmi proves to the world she can. And you can, too. “Start losing excess weight while you’re still young. If you’re growing older, it’s never too late, too. Say, ‘Yes, I can — only at Marie France!’” Call Marie France at 894-BODY (2639), Cebu (032) 233-7637 or Pampanga (045) 961-2981 for a free consultation. Carmi’s favorite Marie France treatments Want to have Carmi’s flaunt-worthy body? Try her secrets and see the results for yourself. • Plasti-Dermi Treatment (PDT) – Breaks down and releases trapped fat cells and helps eliminate excess inches. Carmi says: “My thighs were really my problem area. May bulges talaga. I tried exercising but PDT is the only thing that made them smaller.” • Endermologie (EDM) – FDA-approved for cellulite reduction. It eliminates stubborn fat, trims flab and smoothes out dimpled skin. Carmi says: “I really like this for my tummy. There was a time before my taping that I had Endermologie first and a day after, wow, my tummy was flatter!” • Fat Mobilization System (FMS) – Melts off pounds and helps you burn as much as 2,000 calories in just 25 minutes while you’re comfortably lying down. Carmi says: “I make sure that I regularly undergo FMS so when I wear a swimsuit, it will turn heads. And they’ll see that what’s on the billboard is real!” [rc] Carmi shows how to bring sexy back Be sexy and look fabulous at any age with Carmi’s simple yet very practical tips: FOOD She says YES to / She says NO to Fish and veggies / Too much desserts and soft drinks SLEEPING HABITS She says YES to / She says NO to 7 to 8 hours of sleep / Staying up late DRINKS She says YES to / She says NO to Drinking water / Soft drinks TO BE HAPPY EVERY DAY She says YES to / She says NO to Always be confident / Being dowdy and flabby FOR A BEAUTIFUL BODY She says YES to / She says NO to Having a flat tummy / Bulges TO MAINTAIN MY 25-INCH WAISTLINE She says YES to / She says NO to Regular treatments at Marie France / Being lazy and not having my treatments Copyright © 2009. Philstar