March 28, 2010

USA: Are you in Pain?

. DELRAY BEACH, Florida / MY MOM'S BLOG / March 28, 2010 Are you in PAIN? A few weeks ago Ronni from over at "Time Goes By" made a post about all the annoying ads on TV about the elderly and their medical needs - pills for everything that ails them. Well, here in Florida you should see ALL the ads directed at the elderly. Here is just a sampling: PAIN INSTITUTE - SUCCESSFULLY TREATING ARTHRITIS PAIN, BACK PAIN, HIP PAIN, SPINAL PAIN ETC. ETC. HEARING CENTER - FREE Electronic Test FREE Video Ear Inspection FREE Hearing Aid Cleaning DENTAL DREAM TEAM Implants, Aesthetics, and I.V. Sedation FOOT CARE Peripheral Neuropathy STOP Lower Back Pain and Sciatica NOW With Lasting Results Eliminate Loose Dentures - Securely Anchor Your Dentures ARE YOU IN PAIN? NEW PATIENTS SEEN SAME DAY IMPLANTS A.M. DINNER P.M. DENTURE REPAIRS - ADJUSTMENTS - RELINES WHILE YOU WAIT OPTICAL SHOP - FREE LENSES WITH ANY FRAME PURCHASE Believe it or not all the above ads appeared in the same issue of a daily newspaper. Not only that, I want you to know I didn't include all the health care ads that ran that day. If I need a doctor down here I ask my friends for a referral. I suppose if you are new in town, you would take a chance and call a doctor who advertised. One thing's for sure, if it weren't for those medical ads, car care and restaurant ads, the newspaper would not survive. Posted by Mildred Garfield E-Mail: At 84 years young, Millie Garfield is one of the Internet's oldest bloggers, according to The Ageless Project. With an authentic and humorous voice, a knack for story telling and frequent updates, Millie's blog, My Mom's Blog, shows that people want to hear from someone with a story to tell. [rc]