March 30, 2010

USA: Raquel Welch on Oprah - Super at 69

. BOSTON, Massachusetts / / Entertainment / People / March 30, 2010 So all I have to say is Raquel Welch at 69 is looking so fine! I can only hope I look half as good on the verge of 70! Raquel Welch on Oprah By Kristen Douglas So why is Raquel Welch such a hot topic as of recent? Well the sex symbol, for many decades, well known for the promo poster for movie One Million Years B.C. that has been featured on sexy-contemporary culture countdowns on channels like VH1 and in films like The Shawshank Redemption was on the Oprah show. On the show she opened up about plastic surgery and her nose job that she had before hitting Hollywood. One of the main reasons she was on the show was to talk about staying a sex symbol ang aging gracefully, while still promoting her book: Beyond the Cleavage. In the book she talks about anti-aging routine(s) and the importance of diet and exercise. She also talks about how she takes 3 hours to get ready. I'm sure she's worth the wait. She has a list of famous men: like Elvis Presley and Richard Burton, who've had the privilege of being associated with her and her sexiness. If you didn't get a chance to see the show, here is a pic and you can also look up more information on [rc] Copyright © 2010 Gather Inc