April 14, 2010

AUSTRALIA: Elderly woman leaves most life savings for seniors welfare

. SYDNEY, NSW / The Daily Telegraph / News / April 14, 2010 By Clementine Cuneo AN elderly woman with no family has left most of her life savings to Centrelink. Lebanese-born pensioner Delilah Moussa regularly stopped in at the Campbelltown office to talk about her welfare payment. But in an unlikely return of favour, the woman donated $60,000 to Centrelink when she died in July 2007, along with a smaller amount to her church. Centrelink yesterday said the money was now being used to fund programs for seniors in Ms Moussa's former home suburb of Campbelltown. Ms Moussa was 67 when she died, had never married and had no family. A plaque commemorating her generosity now hangs on the wall at the Campbelltown office of Centrelink. The manager at Campbelltown Centrelink Adam Ainscough said Ms Moussa's extraordinary bequest was a continuing inspiration to his team. "Obviously she must have felt we treated her well and it shows the kind of caring customer service that we're proud to deliver," Mr Ainscough said. The money has been used to set up a program called FACE - Facing Ageing Challenges Enthusiastically. The program assists elderly people who are isolated in their homes and gives them access to social outings and support groups. "Knowing Delilah's gift is being used to help other local senior citizens feel connected to their community is great for our team morale," he said. Staff at the branch said they remembered Ms Moussa as the lady who used to drop by for a friendly chat with staff about her garden, the weather or her welfare payments. [rc] Copyright 2010 News Limited.