April 7, 2010

FINLAND: Finnish centenarian awarded inventor's gold medal

. BEIJING, China / The People's Daily / World / Europe/ April 7, 2010 Eemeli Väyrysen, a Finnish centenarian was awarded inventor's gold medal by Finnish Federation of Inventors' Associations in Helsinki on Tuesday. Vayrynen, who is the oldest inventor in Finland, invented a new pattern potato planter in 2008 when he was 98-year-old. He has then won a national patent with the invention, which is specially designed for germinated seed potatoes. Finnish Federation of Inventors' Associations, who sponsored Vayrynen to make the prototype potato planter in 2008 granted additional allowance to the 100-year-old inventor at the beginning of this year. Eemeli Väyrysen Photo: Maahenki Veijo Vaakanainen, chairman of board of the organization, said that it is very noteworthy and praiseworthy that Vayrynen could make invention at his age, and his creative power has been inspiration to all people in the Nordic country, where elderly people often suffer from dementia. The centenarian Vayrynen, who used to run a gardening company with his wife when he was young, is now physically healthy. He looks after himself in his daily life and usually does some cooking. He is also known in Finland as father of Paavo Vayrynen, a famous Finnish politician and Finland's present minister of foreign trade and development. Finnish Federation of Inventors' Associations was established in 1971 and consists of 23 inventors' associations in Finland, with about 1,100 investors and product developers. [rc] Source: Xinhua