April 20, 2010

FRANCE: Nude tourism is popular with elderly in Europe

. BEIJING, China / The People's Daily / Life & Culture / Global Torusim / April 20, 2010 MONTPELLIER, Southern France Residents of nude community consider going out with clothes is the most troublesome thing. (CRI photo) According to the latest statistics, sales of real estate in Europe have fallen sharply due to the financial crisis, but housing developments in nude communities have seen unprecedented growth. The generation of Hippies is aging, but the 'Back-to-Nature' movement promoted by anti-materialists has seen resurgence in developed countries, including Nudism, which rose in the 1920s in Germany. The Mediterranean town Le Cap d'Agde, close to Montpellier in Southern France, is one of the biggest nude communities in the world. In the town, nudity is legal. If you want to buy a house near the beach, you'd better check the price first. A studio is priced at 90,000 euros at least, and 200,000 euros at minimum for a house with two living rooms. During the best season for traveling here, from May to September, there will be about 4,000 visitors coming to this town. At that time, you can spend 140 euros to rent one of the best flats for just one night. In addition, France has lots of such towns and villages, but most of them are located in forests. [rc] Most Residents of nude community are the single elderly. (CRI photo) Copyright by People's Daily