April 26, 2010

UK: Around 36,000 join London Marathon 2010

. LONDON, England / The First Post / In Pictures / April 26, 2010 Billionaire Businessman and head of the Virgin Business Empire, Richard Branson (Born Surrey, England, July 18, 1950), yesterday lead a caterpillar group of 34 people at the start of this London Marathon, 2010. The volcanic ash cloud took its toll on the London Marathon yesterday, with defending champion Sammy Wanjiru dropping out of the race after 25km, blaming a knee injury aggravated by a two-day plane journey. Ethiopian Tsegaye Kebede explopited the opportunity, winning the men's race in 2 hours, 5 mins and 19 seconds and ending a six-year winning streak by the Kenyans. Liliya Shobukhova became the first Russian to win the women's race in London. Around 36,000 people braved unseasonably warm temperatures to take part in the 26-mile race, helping the total amount of money raised for charity over the London Marathon's 30-year history to reach half-a-billion pounds. London Marathon 2010: Richard Branson leads a caterpillar of 34 people including his children Sam Branson and Holly Branson, and Princess Beatrice at the start of the London Marathon, which was sponsored this year for the first time by Virgin. Beatrice became the first royal to complete the race, crossing the line after more than five hours. © First Post Newsgroup IPR Limited.