April 17, 2010

UK: Sir David Attenborough, 83, realises North Pole ambition

. LONDON, England / Digital Spy / Television News / April 17, 2010 By Sarah Rollo, Entertainment Reporter Sir David Attenborough has reportedly realised a lifetime ambition of reaching the North Pole. The veteran broadcaster was filming the BBC natural history series Frozen Planet in the Arctic Circle when he fulfilled his dream. WENN Sir David, 83, narrates the seven-part series, which takes audiences on a polar expedition to the "last great wilderness on the planet". Speaking from the Svalbard archipelago, 700 miles from the North Pole, he said: "A century ago, the poles were just about the most inaccessible place on earth. Today that has changed. Nonetheless, to have visited them both within a few weeks of one another is a huge privilege. "Having seen what I've just seen - from penguins to polar bears, from the frozen ocean to snow-covered volcanoes - I can't imagine why I've left visiting these marvellous, astonishing and beautiful places until so late in my life." Frozen Planet is due to air on BBC One in late 2011 and culminates in an episode entitled 'Meltdown', an environmental special in which Sir David looks at what the future might hold for the animals and people who live at the Poles and what the effects of climate change there might mean for everyone else. [rc] Copyright © 1999-2010 Digital Spy Limited.