May 26, 2010

CANADA: IFA honours Dr. Joel Sadavoy for Geriatric Psychiatry

MELBOURNE, Australia  / International Federation On Ageing /  May 26, 2010

During the 10th Global Conference of International Federation on Ageing (IFA) held here earlier this month,  the IFA President, Ms Irene Hoskins, announced Dr. Joel Sadavoy of Toronto, Canada as 2010 recipient of the IFA President's Award for outstanding contribution in the field of ageing.

“As a geriatric psychiatrist Joel has held many prominent positions serving academic hospitals and leading universities. He is the founder of the Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry, and the past President of the International Psychogeriatric Association to name just a few of his many appointments,” said Ms Hoskins.

During his career Dr. Sadavoy has been honoured by many medical and professional associations for his expertise and excellence in providing mental health care for geriatric patients. The ‘Comprehensive Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry’ for which Dr. Sadavoy is the lead editor, is an important reference for teaching fellows and residents in the care of older people.

Ms Hoskins added, “In the last two decades Joel has devoted time and energy in research, as well as in education and program development. It has had a direct impact on mental health care for older people elders across Canada and around the world. The IFA is proud to honour Dr. Joel Sadavoy for his distinguished achievement in Geriatric Psychiatry and Community Health in the support of vulnerable and marginalised older people.”

Dr. Joel Sadavoy is the inaugural Director of the Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer's Support and Training, Head of Geriatric and Community Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital and inaugural holder of the Sam and Judy Pencer Chair in Applied General Psychiatry.[rc]

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