May 10, 2010

USA: Mother's Day Special - Old Age

PORTLAND,  Maine / Elder Story Telling Place / Time Goes By / May 10, 2010

Old Age

By Ellen Younkins

Now that I am a member of old age,
not a beginner - and not yet a sage -
I welcome it because I will dare
to meet it head on without despair.

I need not apoligize for being older
because in fact I'm getting ever bolder.
I'll take no seconds to those in their prime
when I know that my mind is still sublime.

I relish my memories but don’t live in the past,
and though not in the fast lane I won’t be the last.
I hear the call of the future for what it’s worth,
and pray that I will spend more time on this earth.

© 2010 Ronni Bennett.

Illustration by courtesy of Barnabas Tiburtius