June 21, 2010

SAUDI ARABIA: Illegal longevity medicine confiscated

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia / Saudi Gazette / Nation / News / June 21, 2010

‘Longevity’ mixture seized

By Mohammed Al-Kinani

Authorities here have confiscated 15 boxes of Symmetry Genesis, an illegal longevity medicine. “We have also seized a huge number of imprinted promotion materials ready to be circulated to advertise for the product,” Dr. Abdul Jawwad, director of medical licensing department in the Health Affairs Management, said here Sunday.

He added that the promotional brochures included unreliable information to help sellers market their product.

“They claim that the Symmetry Genesis can help decrease cholesterol and keep blood pressure under control. Moreover, they claim that their product can help fight obesity and prevent blood clotting,” said Dr. Abdul-Jawwad.

Sami Badawood, Director General of Health Affairs, has warned against the use of the unregistered product that claims to prolong life.

The product, Badawood said, can cause dangerous side-effects and therefore expose human health to even greater risks. – SG