July 13, 2010

CHINA: Special slogan from grandpa warns against drunk driving

BEIJING, China / People's Daily / Life & Culture / Society / July 13, 2010

By Wang Hanlu, People's Daily

If you watch the back of vehicles moving on the road, you will find many funny slogans pasted on them such as "Don't touch me", "Love me, then stay away from me" and so on. It seems like using vehicle slogans has become a fad among youth.

However, an 82-year-old grandpa in Xi'an is a fashion pioneer too. Recently, he pasted a slogan that said "Drunk-driving makes me worried" on his tricycle. Someone took pictures of the grandpa and posted them on online forums. They made the old man popular and he is now known as, "Grandpa Worried" on the Internet, according to Xi'an Evening.

The grandpa with a grizzled beard wears a white shirt, bib pants, cowboy hat and sun glasses and rides a tricycle with the funny slogan on the back to warn people not to drive when drunk.
(Photo by Xi'an Evening)

According to the old man, the idea of pasting such a slogan came up to him after his tricycle was hit by a drunk driver once. Now he does this to warn people not to drive cars when they get drunk. He also tries to tell his sons and grandsons not to drive after getting drunk.

Since the photos were released on the Internet, the grandpa has become very popular among netizens and he has been called "Grandpa Worried." It is said that the old man often rides his tricycle around on the streets of Xi'an and would like to let more people see the slogan.

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