August 19, 2010

ALBANIA: Oldest woman in the Balkans, said to be 116, has passed away

DURRES - Tania Koleci, the oldest woman in Albania in the Balkans, perhaps 116 years old, passed away early morning of August 19, BalkanTV reported. (Read original report) 

Koleci was born at the end of the 19th century, precisely on July 10, 1894, becoming the first Albanian yesterday to have lived in three centuries.

In the past four months her health had started to worsen but she had never visited any hospital throughout her life. Her agony ended early today after she was bed ridden for the past few months.

It is hard to know the secret of her life. Until disease-struck she moved around in her apartment without any help  She liked coffee and tobacco. She smoked a pipe.

Koleci was born in Derjan. Few years ago she moved from her village Derjan [Central-Northern Albania] where she lived alone, to the town of Durres, living with a relative.

Tania Koleci, had no children, Her husband had died 45 years ago.