August 20, 2010

AUSTRALIA: Worrying about falling over likely to increase risk of falling in elderly

LONDON, England

Elderly people who worry about falling may actually double the chances that they will take a tumble, research has suggested, Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor reports in THE TELEGRAPH, August 20.

A complex study of 500 people aged between 70 and 90 grouped them according to their measured, objective risk of falling and their fear of falling.

Elderly people can find it difficult to recover from falls BBC photo

For those whose measured risk was low the people who were anxious about falling, fell over almost twice as often as those who were not worried about it.

In the group whose measured risk was deemed to be high the people classified as 'stoic' were less likely to fall than those who were aware of that they were likely to fall.

The study was conducted by a team at the University of New South Wales, in Australia and the findings were published in the British Medical Journal online.

Photo courtesy: British Medical Journal