August 27, 2010

DENMARK: Fence to separate senior citizens from thugs

COPENHAGEN, Denmark / The Copenhagen Post / News / August 27, 2010

Young ghetto residents terrorising elderly in city housing complex

Robert Cellini News

A housing association with homes for the elderly in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district is in the process of constructing a barbed wire fence to protect its clients against young people from the adjacent Mjølnerparken housing estate, reports Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

The Mjølnerparken youths have for some time been unwelcome visitors to the garden area that belongs to the Lejerbo Association and is exclusively for the residents in the Hothers Plads senior housing complex. In addition, the buildings have been plagued by burglary, vandalism, theft and rock throwing from the nearby housing estate occupants.

Construction of the fence, which will be 2.5 metres high with barbed wire on top, has so far been sabotaged by the youths, and the workers have expressed fears for their safety. But the housing association has confirmed the fence will go up.

Copenhagen’s deputy mayor of social affairs, Mikkel Warming, is now calling on the city’s street workers to deal with the unruly young people. ‘But I certainly don’t think that a fence is the optimal solution,’ said Warming.

The fence, along with a few security cameras that will also be set up, will reportedly cost the housing association and its clients around 1.5 million kroner.

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