August 6, 2010

INDIA: Special bench of Madras High Court to take up cases filed by senior citizens

THE TIMES OF INDIA reported a significant development from Chennai on August 4. The Madras High Court has set up a special bench to hear and handle cases filed by senior citizens.

Chief Justice M Yusuf Eqbal has ordered that all cases filed by senior citizens be posted before Justice P Jyothimani "with immediate effect, under the caption Senior Citizens' Cases'.

Justice P. Jyothimani will be 60 next October

The statement further said that Chief Justice Eqbal has directed the filing sections of the high court to make special entries regarding the cases of senior citizens, so that they could be disposed of on priority basis.

The cases which are ready for hearing have already been listed for hearing on August 2 and 3, the statement said, adding that they would continued to be listed. Consequent to the announcement that priority would be given to senior citizens' cases, more than 60 applications have been received by the court till date, the statement said.