September 9, 2010

INDIA: Seniors seek Maharashtra Governor's intervention for action on Policy

MUMBAI, Maharashtra / Silver Innings Foundation /  September 9, 2010

A delegation representing several organisations of senior citizens of the Western India state of Maharashtra, called on the Governor of Maharashtra K. Sankaranarayanan on September 7, and urged that this state immediately declare its policy on Senior Citizens.

India's federal government has adopted the National Policy for Older Persons in 1999, but even after 11 years, the state of Maharashtra had taken no action. Two of every three of Maharashtra's 9.5 million senior citizens are poor. Nearly 90% of the seniors do not have any social or health security, over 20% are lonely and susceptible to threat from criminals, the Governor was told.

Representatives of HelpAge India, Harmony, Silver Innings and other bodies were led by  Dr. S. Kinjwadekar, President of All India Senior Citizens' Confederation.

Source: Silver Innings