September 6, 2010

INDIA: Why not help train round-the-clock health care providers for the elderly?

MUMBAI, Maharashtra / Mid-Day / Opinion / Senior Citizens / September 6, 2010


By Saumya Tandon

Recently, I met my friend's ailing grandparents. They are bed-ridden, but are unable to get properly trained help. This is something which has always wrenched my heart. Why is there no proper care available for the senior citizens in our country? Why are they at the mercy of their children in their old age?

Even if the children want to hire someone to take care of their elderly relatives, they are unable to do so as the help available is not properly trained. They are incapable of understanding why the elderly behave or talk the way they do. I genuinely feel for them.

If I could, I would like to set up an institute which will provide round-the-clock help that is trained in health care, at a cheap cost, for the old in this country.  Photo of Saumya Tandon, Actress

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