September 22, 2010

SPAIN: Elderly men die in care home van

MALAGA, Spain  / Euro Weekly News / September 22, 2010

MADRID -- A 47-YEAR-OLD man who was arrested after two elderly people were found dead in a van in which they were being taken to a care home, has admitted his responsibility. The detainee, who is charged with negligent manslaughter, is the co-owner of a private care home in Ciempozuelos, Madrid, and was called to testify this week after being provisionally released. He could face between one and four years in prison.

He was supposed to take the two men, aged 81 and 87, to the care home, but he left them inside the vehicle in their wheelchairs. Both had senile dementia and the detainee was in charge of them.

The owner has apologized to the families and says that he is the sole culprit,. All the elderly people who could walk themselves had been taken out of the van but he forgot the two victims were there after he was interrupted. This was at approximately at 10am, and he didn’t return to the van until 8pm when he went to take the elderly people back to their homes. He found the two men unconscious and attempted to resuscitate them. He then called the relatives and the Guardia Civil.

The van had been in the shade all day and neither victim needed constant medication, so an autopsy is awaited to confirm the cause of death.

Nobody missed the two men because not all the visitors attend the centre every day.

The detainee says that he does not care about going to prison but that he feels terrible about what happened especially as he had an extremely close relationship with one of the victims, and their families are friends.

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