September 21, 2010

UK: Michael Douglas was too “frightened” to talk as he walked the red carpet in New York

LONDON, England / ShowBizSpy / September 21, 2010

MICHAEL Douglas was too “frightened” to talk as he walked the red carpet Monday night at the New York premiere of his new movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, source says.

The 65-year-old actor — who’s married to Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones — is currently battling an aggressive form of throat cancer.

“It’s cancer, of course he is frightened,” a source told PopEater.

“He’s 65 years old and has everything to live for. His career couldn’t be better and his personal life with beautiful wife, Catherine and kids Dylan and Carys, couldn’t be more perfect. Now this has come along and knocked the entire family off its feet.

“He’s had an intensive course of radiation and chemotherapy to treat a tumor in his throat. It’s left him feeling very tired and sometimes finding it very difficult to even speak. In a few weeks, we fear he won’t be able to eat or swallow.

“He is in a no-win situation. If Michael didn’t show up to the premiere, everyone would be talking about him. Yet at the same time if he did show up, the press would see for themselves that he isn’t doing so great.

“We all understand this is stage 4 cancer and we are not taking that lightly. Michael is trying to enjoy every moment of the time he has with his friends and family and taking nothing for granted. He was determined to attend this premiere. Nothing, including cancer, could have stopped him.”

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