September 21, 2010

USA: You're never too old to laugh

NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska / NP Telegraph / News / September 21, 2010

By Heather Johnson
The North Platte Telegraph

You're never too old to laugh. That's the opinion of comedienne Bea Fiala, also known as Bea Funny. Fiala was a featured entertainer at The North Platte Telegraph's Lifestyles Senior Festival Tuesday at the Quality Inn and Suites.

"I did some research and found that one bout of anger will diminish your immune system for six hours," Fiala told the audience. "One good bout of laughter will increase your immune system for 24 hours. So if you laugh today, you won't get sick until sometime after lunch tomorrow. That's the best I can do for you."

Bea Fiala, comedienne, has the large crowd laughing

Telegraph director of sales Dee Klein said it was the first time for the festival, which was designed to be both informative and fun.

"We decided to do this because a lot of our subscribers are 55 and over," said Klein. "We wanted to do something special in honor of them."   
Booths were set up throughout the room showcasing everything from chiropractic care, homecare equipment and hearing aids to retirement facilities, gyms and health insurance.

"This age group needs chiropractic care the most," said Dr. Jeff Hoover of Hoover Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center. "America is in a crisis situation right now in that we're seeing disease rates rise. Chiropractic care allows the body to function better and do the job that God designed it to do. It's about improving people's health so they can live to be 100."

Curves owner Barbara Moore said her message to visitors was to exercise to improve the quality and quantity of life.

"I did a membership survey and found that 69 percent of my members were 45 or older," said Moore. "Because our gym uses hydraulic resistance, the exercises are easy on joints. It's never too late to make a difference."

Visitors were also treated to a performance by Patsy Cline impersonator Melinda Ferree, and Lincoln County Sheriff's Office investigator Chuck Nichols gave a presentation about identity theft. A noon lunch was available for $5.

"I liked the entertainment, and that's what I came for," said Lucille Gibbs of North Platte. "But it's also been informative. I think the whole thing was wonderful."

Becky McAllister of North Platte said it was helpful to have all the vendors under one roof.

"Of course, I'm big into humor too," said McAllister. "So, I enjoyed the entertainment. Plus, the lunch for $5 and the freebies - you can't beat it." Copyright © 2010 North Platte Telegraph.

Copyright © 2010 North Platte Telegraph.Copyright © 2010 North Platte Telegraph.