October 15, 2010

USA: Diego teaches parents how to treat aging grandpa

SANTA BARBARA, California / Brainstorm3000 / October 15, 2010

The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera

by Ramona Moreno Winner

When grandfather comes to live with Diego and his family,

Diego is ecstatic; he finds many similarities between himself and his grandfather.

Caring for an elderly parent becomes stressful for the adults and they begin exhibiting unkind behavior towards grandfather.

Diego teaches his parents a lesson on how to treat his aging grandfather.

The way the parents treat the grandfather now, is how Diego will be treating them when they become elderly and in need of care.

This bilingual story carries a message on respect for all generations.

Book Awards
2010 International Latino Book Award
2010 NAPPA Honors Award
2010 International Book Award Finalist – Children’s Picture Books and Family/Parenting Books.
ISBN 9780965117432
$15.95 Hardcover

Ramona Moreno Winner says:
"I am trying to promote global change
on how we treat our elderly.
I have written a lovely children's book titled:

The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera

to call attention to this state of affairs.

Together we can make a difference."

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