March 29, 2011

FRANCE: Orchids for the Elderly "at Home"

MONTAUBAN, Tarn-et-Garonne /  La Dépêche / March 29, 2011

By Pierre Mazille

In Montauban, Pierre and Chantal Bologna, a recently retied married couple, has decided to become a host family for older persons.

The couple has received the approval of the General Council and host three older persons. They have named their home "Orchids" to symbolize their hospitality to care for older people, invalid or semi-invalid, dependent or disabled. The host family will organize daily life activities of its residents, suggest ideas for activity, provide home care service and arrange access to health professionals.

Chantal Bologna and her husband , Pierre, in their home at Montauban where they will host elderly persons in need of care.

Inspiration of the project came from Chantal Bologna, who says:  "At, 62, I could not see myself without such a project in hand." 

She spent time studying the care of aged by working with them. Her husband Pierre comes from a big family and has had international exposure with the bank he has been employed with.

Orchid is a project with human and social objectives....

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