April 28, 2011

ALGERIA: Aging in Algeria - More than 3.5 million of them

ORAN, Algeria / AlgerieSoir / Algerian Press / April 28, 2011

During a workshop on the care of older persons, the Minister responsible for the Family and the Status of Women stressed the need to strengthen the system of protection of older people. The minister highlighted the necessity of establishing social welfare and health protection by creating hospitals specializing in age-related diseases (Global Action on Aging).

Better health care needed for Algeria's 3.5 million elderly

Currently, Algeria has 3.5 million elderly people, representing 7.5% of the population, Nouara Saadia Djaafar, Minister for the Family and the Status of Women, said yesterday.

In a speech at a workshop on the care of the elderly, Ms. Jaafar stressed that the aged required special attention and social protection and health.

For her, the Law on the Protection of Older Persons aims to strengthen the protection of this category. This law, she added, will be further strengthened soon by new implementing legislation for the protection of the elderly, especially in terms of medical coverage and psychological care.

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The Minister noted, moreover, the law criminalizing children who abandon their parents. This law also provides for granting a pension to each needy family that supports a senior.

Ms. Nouara Saadia Djaafar recalled efforts by government to ensure better management of this category in particular through the 30 senior centers deprived of family warmth. She stressed on the need health care centers for the populatio often vulnerable to diseases of aging, including diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and Alzheimer's disease.

It is imperative to train specialists in monitoring health of older people in hospitals, she said, and urged the community to create an awareness of the need for continuous and long-term protection of older persons, to further human values ​​in society.

Continuing extension of life expectancy has led to growth in number of older people, pointed out Rachid Hanafi, President of the Algerian Olympic Committee. He stressed the need to support the elderly.

Lamari, president of the Committee on Medical Ethics of the Medical Faculty of Algiers, raised the problem of old age and the difficulties of hospital strategy for the management of this category. The elderly, he said, are exposed to complex diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes, hence the need to create specialized centers and train specialists in diseases of old age.

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