April 19, 2011

CHINA: 92-year-old selling pineapples in street to save for old age

NACHONG, SICHUAN / Huaxi Dushi Bao / China News / April 19, 2011

92-year-old saving for old age old street selling pineapples do not want to drag his daughter

Pineapple Shuhai street selling all the old man

Nanchong, a famous elderly to support themselves selling pineapple, a bit touched by his friends, took his image to sell pineapples, launched multiple websites within a week tens of thousands of users browsing. Since on the network, some people go to buy his special pineapple.

Recently, the Huaxi Dushi Bao, a reporter found “Pineapple old man,” learned the story behind the elderly.

not smoke when they drink tea business

in North Sichuan Medical College, Nanchong Hospital, Wenhua Road gate, to see the 92-year-old Shuhai all elderly people sitting under a big tree, holding a white tea cup, a cup of water, eating peach slices.

“Grandpa, how much money a piece of pineapple?” “Two dollars Oh! Not expensive at all!” The old man will take the cup on the table, straightened up, from a tricycle to take a piece of pineapple, will receive 2 million effort Ling Chao way into the pockets.

“I do not go home at noon, what a bite.” mid-April, the old man wore a winter hat, wearing thick clothes, eyebrows and beard is gray.

I saw his hands and feet and agile, a machete in your hand, efforts will blink of an eye peeled pineapple, block, and then covered with a layer of plastic film, placed in a water bottle, can cover gray and moisture. Old man did not yell, no business, it sat under a tree, smoking cheap cigarettes, tea slowly.

“now sold more than four or five a day pineapple!” said the old man. He rarely watch TV, do not know what network, but do not know so many people concerned about the Internet itself.

do not want to drag his wife died young daughter

92-year-old Shuhai Wenfeng Jialing District towns and villages all from under his wife after the death of one person alone to do Nanchong fruit business for 30 years.

“Twenty or thirty a day to sell pineapple, pineapple earn two or three dollars each.” Shuhai all said that the market purchase of fruit from the south gate, into the time, generally two days sold out. A pineapple from a street fruit market pull, and then skinned, is divided into three pieces each pineapple, sell two dollars each. “I came Zhengdian This is the wholesale price difference, there is a simple peeling process. Is sometimes a pain in the legs and feet, the body was affected, but also earn ah!” Said the old man.

sell pineapple

say the elderly, to see the season, Which Which to sell sell.

The fruit stand is the flow of elderly people, culture, road, Fu River Road and the people of South, are the largest flow of people in Nanchong streets. “This is a class of strict control street a few blocks, generally not allowed to set up a stall in the street.” Introduce an urban management and law enforcement officers, to see old age, its not easy to earn some money, they generally are persuaded Note old tricycle parking place, pay attention to traffic safety.

father daughter

do not want to do business

5 pm, sold out the last piece of pineapple, the elderly ride tricycles around the five-star garden, looked around, slowly back rent in the old settlements River bridge. Ride all the way slowly, the elderly need to spend 40 minutes.

“his wife died early and untimely death of his son, daughter, son-also have their things, I am now living by selling pineapples. they can save a little, after the walk, not afraid of money with.”

“We have long called to him to not be so tired, he did not listen.” Old man’s daughter on the phone said his father had used to such a life, really one day, can not do business, and her father received a home will, let him home for days years.

(According to “Huaxi Dushi Bao” reported)