April 20, 2011

RUSSIA: In Tiraspol, fraudsters sell pensioners miracle tools "to improve health"

TIRASPOL, Moldova / Komsomolskaya Pravda /  News 24 / April 20, 2011

Most often, the fraudsters "bait" was a just retired person. One victim has lost 7,000 Transnistrian rubles

Nikita Zverev

In Tiraspol, there are crooks, warns the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria.

Unknown people knock on apartments in Tiraspol and offer to sell a "miracle massage device", that helps the elderly to instantly experience health improvement. The price for such a device was ridiculously low - 200 Transnistrian rubles (about $ 20).

Victims of fraud are usually elderly people. To date, three have already gone to the police.

Photo: From the Archives of "KP"
In early March, one 76-year-old pensioner became owner of such a massage appliance. A charming young man, 25-30 years, offered her a big discount" and sold her a vegetable cutter and a flask for vegetables. As it turned out, all bought old woman also did not work. The cost of the "miracle" of modern technology was only 300 rubles (30 dollars).

In mid-April an 87-year-old pensioner, succumbed to persuasion by unknown man to buy an item that promised cure of all diseases of the joints.

The third victim was 70-year-old tiraspolchanka on April 18. Under pretext of the campaign for pensioners and disabled people an unknown woman pensioner was sold an electric massager for 1000 Transnistrian rubles (100 dollars). As "special clients of the firm" an obliging lady gave her a present of yet another massage and heating timer.

The police have also reported another similar case encountered on April 12. Under pretext of a relatively fair money deal the citizens got a win-win offer, supposedly in honor of the anniversary of one of the shops of home appliances. Three strangers (two men and one woman) thus deprived the 71-year old pensioner 7000 rubles (about $ 700).

Employees of Internal Affairs Tiraspol have a word of caution: Do not open the door to strangers. If a person is a social worker, ask his name and call back the bodies of social protection and ask if they have any such employee and whether he could come to you. Do not go in the wake of fraud. If you encounter a similar case, contact the nearest police station.

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